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There might be a time when you are unable to log in to your instance via SSH. There are various reasons this could happen: a misconfiguration of software, your instance has run out of disk space, etc.

When this happens, the easiest course of action is to delete your instance and recreate it. Using a tool such as Terraform, Ansible, or Puppet can provide the ability to configure your instance from a codified set of files.

If you are unable to easily recreate your instance, there is one last way to recover your instance: booting into Rescue Mode.

Rescue Mode is not supported by the Rapid Access Cloud team. Please use at your own risk.

First, click on your instance in the Rapid Access Cloud dashboard, then click on the Console tab. Next click on "Click here to show only console".

Then click the "Send CtrlAltDel" button and then immediately begin pressing the Escape key on your keyboard over and over. There's only a 1 second window to interrupt the boot process, so you have to keep pressing the key. This might take a few attempts.

Once you see a boot menu, choose Advanced Options, then the option to boot into Rescue mode, then the option to open a root shell.

Once you are at a root shell/prompt, you can debug your instance to determine what the problem might be as well as possibly resolve it.

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