A self-hosted service and graphical user interface to help you build data science environments in the cloud.

dsStack is an open source web application that can be used to create, manage and learn about cloud resources for data science. dsStack includes a dataset of cloud and data science related functions (components) that can be stacked to the user's needs. This application is self hosted on your server.

Components containing scripts are stored in a tree like structure and can be moved, copied and sorted to build chains of automation. 

A sample use case:

[create keypair] -> [create instance] -> [create volume] -> [attach volume] -> [install Streamlit] -> etc...

Cybera offers a read-only demo version of dsStack at https://dsstack.cybera.ca/

For the full experience it is recommended that you self host your own instance.


See README for setup instructions in the GitHub repository: https://github.com/cybera/dsStack

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