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Much nvMuch of the power of OpenStack is in the suite of application program interfaces (APIs), allowing the same functionality of the dashboard with the advantage of automating the provisioning process with only a few commands. Using the API means that all the actions can be added to a script that can be called to automatically and repeatedly build instances. You can also create template-like scripts so that with only minor modification to instance name, image and volume size, it is possible to build other instances and volumes quickly and without the need for clicking through the dashboard.


  1. Log-in to the Rapid Access Cloud dashboard at

  2. In the left-hand panel under “Compute”, click “Access & Security”.

  3. Click the “API Access” tab at the top then click the “Download Openstack RC file v3” on the right.

  4. The file downloaded will be named after your account name, e.g. <email>@<domain> This can be renamed to openrc if you like, or you can copy it and modify it so you can have one for the Calgary region and one for the Edmonton region. The rc file downloaded will be keyed for the region you are signed into in the dashboard.