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1.  Login Log into your your Rapid Access Account at  (Please make sure you logged in using Edmonton Location).


3.  Configure an Instance.

Below are mandatory values required to launch an instance:


  1. Log-in to the Rapid Access Cloud dashboard at

  2. In the left-hand panel under “Compute”, click “Instances”.

  3. Click the name of a GPU-enabled instance you would like to extend the lease on. Note  the “Lease Date”; this will initially be set to the time and date the instance was created plus twenty-four hours.

  4. Click the “Submit” button; the Lease Date will be set to twenty-four hours from the time you click Submit.

Relaunching a Shelved Instance

To relaunch an instance of yours that has been shelved:

  1. Log into your Rapid Access Account at (Please make sure you logged in using Edmonton Location).

  2. Select Project > Compute > Instance

  3. Click on the Disclosure triangle on the far right and choose "Unshelve Instance"
  4. Wait for the instance to restart

NOTE: If a GPU is unavailable the instance will be unable to unshelve and will return to it's "Shelved Offloaded" state.