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This document summarizes the situations for when a failover would happen and the process of handling a failover. We recommend that you review and print this page as well as all linked pages to have on-hand for when an outage occurs and a failover is required.

Communication Management

Cybera will send information regarding outages (as well as alerts and reminders) either from our NOC email ( or via Revere (Cybera's notification service, Your Revere account is created at the time of your onboarding.

We strongly encourage you to keep your contact information up to date on Revere. If you would like any additional persons to be alerted in the case of a network event, please follow the instructions contained within Revere.

Contact Information

When your firewall is inaccessible:

  • Contact Cybera’s VFS team helpdesk, unless already in touch: 

When the outage is confirmed:

  • Palo Alto firewall users:

    • Your Palo Alto firewall license may become locked;

    • Contact Palo Alto Support to release the license: 

      • US: 866 898 9087

      • Int’l: +1 408 738 7799

  • FortiGate firewall users:

    • No delicensing required.

VFS Outages and Failovers

Cybera's Virtual Firewall Service (VFS) is a collection of hypervisors that each host a pool of virtual firewalls. Cybera hosts the VFS service in two regions: Calgary and Edmonton. In this way, VFS is made up of multiple virtual firewalls hosted on multiple hypervisors in two distinct physical regions.

Cybera has defined two types of outages which require a failover:

  1. The VFS hypervisor hosting your firewall has gone offline and will stay offline for a long time.
  2. One of the Calgary or Edmonton regions has gone offline and will stay offline for a long time.

Failover Process

In either of the above situations, please follow these instructions: Failover Procedure. We recommend printing this page in case you are unable to access this wiki when you need to perform a failover.


If during a failover event you are unable to relaunch your firewall or access your firewall after relaunch, please contact the VFS helpdesk at: 

To help you in case of licensing issues, please have your authorization code (Palo Alto) or license file (FortiGate) ready, so that the VFS team can assist you with the launch of the instance.

Palo Alto Users

Palo Alto users might have to perform an additional "hard reboot" for their firewall to become functional. If your firewall has been active for at least 15 minutes and are not seeing activity or traffic, please perform a hard reboot.

Alternative Internet Access During a Failover

Since your virtual firewall handles the internet connectivity for your organization, having your firewall go offline may also cut off your internet access entirely. In this situation, we recommend performing the failover through an alternative internet access. Please see (and print) this document for more information: Alternate Access to Internet During a Failover.

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