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The Rapid Access Cloud offers 3 different types of volumes based on different storage offerings. By default all users are given up to 500GB of space that can be used between all the 3 types. A per volume maximum of 250GB is also in place.

Default (LVM)

Our default volume type is using RAIDed spinning disks, and is suitable for most, if not all workloads.


We also offer the ability to encrypt your volumes, so your data is also encrypted at rest. To create an encrypted volume, choose the encrypted volume type when creating a volume. The encryption is invisible to your instance, as OpenStack will take care of unlocking your volume for you using a key exclusive to your user.


We also now offer SSD storage for workloads that require faster random read speeds. SSD volumes can be created by choosing the SSD volume type, and have a default quota of 100GB for this one type. The SSD volumes are encrypted at rest by default unlike our previous volume offerings.

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