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This tutorial will show you how you can register a domain name and then use the Rapid Access Cloud to host it. This tutorial will use Namecheap as the domain registrar, but any other registrar should also work.

Registering a Domain Name

First, you need to register a domain name. Use a registrar like Namecheap to search for and register a domain (The steps to do this can be found here). This will usually cost you between $10 and $15.

Change the Namecheap Nameservers to Point to RAC

In the Namecheap control panel, find your domain and click on Manage

Under the Domain tab, select Custom DNS from the Nameservers dropdown (Please refer to this link for more information). Set the DNS servers to the following:

It may take a few minutes for the nameservers to propagate everywhere. You can use a free tool like What’s My DNS to check if your nameservers are pointing correctly.

Configure the Domain in RAC

Log in to the Rapid Access Cloud dashboard and perform the following steps:

  1. Select DNS Zones and click on create zone

  2. Fill all information in DNS zones window

  3. Click submit

You can also use the command-line tools:

openstack zone create --email

Next, create an A and AAAA recordset. To do this in the Rapid Access Cloud dashboard, do the following steps:

  1. On DNS zone page click create recordset.

  2. Select the record type to A.

  3. Fill Name of your domain, description and other values and click submit.

  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to create AAA recordset.

Alternatively, you can use the command-line tools:

$ openstack recordset create --records "IPv4 address" --type A --description "IPv4 A Record" test
$ openstack recordset create --records "IPv6 address" --type AAAA --description "IPv6 AAAA Record" test
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