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The Rapid Access Cloud provides quick access to computing and storage resources. These resources can be used in almost limitless ways: development, prototyping, data computation, and even disaster recovery.

Virtual Machines

The Rapid Access Cloud can be used to quickly provision virtual machines — servers that are "virtual" rather than exist as a physical, metal, rack-mounted server, or computers that sit on your desk. These virtual machines can be used for almost any task: from running a web server to host your website, or a mail server to receive email, or even a remote desktop.

While creating the virtual machines is fast, some knowledge of server administration is necessary to actually make the virtual machine do something. This includes items such as installation and configuration of the server software, uploading backups of the service, and updating any external services, such as DNS records, to point to the new location.

If your current configuration is deployable using automated methods, setting up a service in the Rapid Access Cloud will be very quick and easy.


The Rapid Access Cloud also offers an Object Storage service which can be used to warehouse large amounts of files. This is best used for storing dormant or archived files, rather than as a storage area for files that need to be frequently edited.

The underlying storage service is managed by OpenStack Swift. Any tool compatible with Swift, such as Cyberduck, can be used to upload files to the storage service.

Getting Started

You can begin using the Rapid Access Cloud by creating an account through our portal. Once your account has been created, you can immediately begin using the computing and storage resources. We provide several guides on how to get started here.

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