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The largest provider of WiFi hotspots in Canada (based on the number of access points available) is the Shaw Go WiFi network, with more than 75,000 hotspots across Western Canada.70 This number has almost doubled since the first version of this report was released in October 2014, when Shaw listed 40,000 access points. The full Shaw Go WiFi network is open to Shaw customers and is available for “Guest Access” in select locations.71 Shaw says that, on average, end users utilize 6 GB of data per month using the Shaw Go WiFi service.

Bell also offers WiFi access points across Alberta, with approximately 400 partner retail outlet locations.72

In June 2015, Telus announced it would make free public WiFi available at more than 8,000 locations throughout British Columbia and Alberta.73 As of June 2016, a search for Alberta on Telus’s WiFi access point finder reveals approximately 2,100 hotspots, largely concentrated in Calgary and Edmonton.74




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