Digital infrastructure has become the foundation for innovation, economic growth and market diversification in Canada. Our network infrastructure, in particular, drives productivity, growth and competitiveness, and serves as an integral component of how individuals connect and interact with each other. 

As governments around the world plan for the future, digital infrastructure investments are being recognized as the bedrock upon which innovation in science and technology can be harnessed for the public good. In Alberta, digital infrastructure is critical in revolutionizing traditional industries, while creating entirely new ones. Understanding the current digital infrastructure landscape in the province will help create a strong strategic foundation to leverage these resources to maximize our potential. 

As Alberta's not-for-profit organization responsible for driving economic growth through the use of digital technology, Cybera recognizes the importance of having a strong overview of the province’s digital resources. The first draft of the State of Alberta Digital Infrastructure Report was produced in 2014, and highlighted what was needed at that time to carry out advanced research and innovation in the province. Since that time, the digital infrastructure landscape in Alberta has constantly evolved, both at a technical and regulatory level. 

This updated State of Alberta Digital Infrastructure Report provides a more focused review of Alberta’s current network connectivity. This includes an overview of opportunities for investing in Alberta’s internet infrastructure in a way that responds to multiple immediate needs, while laying the foundation for future research and innovation.

This 2021 update is intended to be part of a continually evolving review, as feedback from partner organizations and external stakeholders is received and incorporated. Cybera is committed to collaborating with invested stakeholders and key contacts to gather the full scope of information in an iterative and coordinated approach.

Readers of this report should bear in mind that while Cybera is the province’s expert technical agency, we do not have all the answers, and as such, rely heavily on our colleagues within our member institutions. As such, the facts and figures reported here may change as more of our colleagues have a chance to read and comment on the material. If readers are making critical decisions based on data in this report, we encourage them to contact the authors to ensure the very latest information is available.

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